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🏃 Running

🎉 I went for a run today!
👟 I recently bought new shoes,
🎧 new headphones,
⌚ and a new FitBit…
🦗 And then weeks passed…
📱 Yesterday I revived my old Galaxy S4 to listen to audio books while running.
🥇 Today is the first day I’ve used them!
😈 Sure, running often feels like torture…
🖼 But it was a beautiful day!
🐇🐿🐦‍⬛🐕 Shared with plenty of wildlife,
🌳🌹🌻🪻 and beautiful plant life.
🎯 Next challenge: make it habitual.

🏋 Practice

💻 I’ve been practicing for upcoming job interviews.
🔗 A recruiter shared a few useful links with me to help prepare.
🤖 Meta AI is a chat bot like Chat GPT.
🎮 CodinGame is… wait for it… a game that teaches coding!