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Idealized Design


Not necessarily linear, but all steps carried out continuously as necessary.


  1. Formulating the mess
    1. What’s the current set of interrelated problems that would lead to our demise if continued into the future?
    2. Steps
      1. Systems analysis
        1. Flow charts of ideas, materials, and information through the organization today
      2. Obstruction analysis
      3. Reference projections
      4. Presentation of the mess
  2. Ends planning
    1. What would the organization look like if we could have anything feasible?
    2. Must prevent self destruction described by the mess


  1. Means planning
    1. How do we approximate the ideal?
  2. Resource planning
    1. Identify required resources, where, & when
    2. Identify available resources
    3. Determine how to address the gaps
  3. Design of implementation
    1. Who does what, when, & where
    2. Make schedule
    3. Allocate resources to the tasks
  4. Design of controls
    1. How to monitor progress and respond to deviations from plans


  • Promotes understanding
  • Clarifies feasibility
  • Simplifies planning
  • Enhances creativity
  • Facilitates implementation