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A Thousand Brains

A New Theory of Intelligence


  1. The mindful brain


Opening Credits

Forward by Richard Dawkins

Part 1: A New Understanding of the Brain

1. Old Brain - New Brain

3. A Model of the World in Your Head

The brain learns by observing changes in its inputs over time.

4. The Brain Reveals Its Secrets

  • Reference Frames

5. Maps in the Brain

  • orientation cells
  • map cells
  • place cells

6. Concepts, Language, and High-Level Thinking

7. The Thousand Brains Theory of Intelligence

Part 2: Machine Intelligence

8. Why There Is No “I” in AI

9. When Machines Are Conscious

10. The Future of Machine Intelligence

11. The Existential Risks of Machine Intelligence

Part 3: Human Intelligence

12. False Beliefs

13. The Existential Risks of Human Intelligence

14. Merging Brains and Machines

15. Estate Planning for Humanity

16. Genes Versus Knowledge

Final Thoughts

End Credits